Working in Québec City: 5 Good Reasons to Take Action

Date 27/11/2020

Written byQuébec en tête

Moving to another country for work is much more than just a career choice; it is a life project. The Québec City region, in the Canadian province of Quebec, offers several assets to its residents. Here are five of these assets that might convince you to make a move and start your professional and personal journey in the most European of all North American cities!


 1- An outstanding quality of life

In Québec City, employers and employees understand the importance of a good work-life balance. Therefore, flexible schedules (the possibility to come into work within a time window rather than a fixed hour) and family responsibility leaves are common practices. Opportunities for outdoor activities also abound, with very accessible green spaces, national parks and mountains, often within 30 minutes of the city. And you can enjoy these perks in all peace of mind, knowing that Québec City is the safest of all major Canadian cities.


 2- A human work environment

Recognition and respect are important in Quebec’s workplace, whose hierarchy is much less rigid than in other countries. For that reason, all employees work together, no matter their job titles, which leaves little place for cumbersome procedures and more space for consensual decisions, taking into consideration the expertise and capabilities of each person.


3- Four seasons, each with their charms

Each year, the Québec City region goes through four seasons that highlight its appeal: a summer where restaurant terraces make the neighbourhoods come to life, trees bursting with colours in the fall, a winter where snow and ice transform the landscape into breathtaking sceneries, and a spring where nature renews itself. Each season offers a wide array of outdoor activities as people in Quebec like to be outside and enjoy nature.


 4- Career opportunities within your job

Landing a job in Quebec does not necessarily mean that you will keep the same responsibilities for years on end. Career development is greatly valued within businesses, with many opportunities quickly arising for those who wish to pursue them. Similarly, continuing education is often provided to help workers maintain top performance in their roles.


 5- Numerous opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic put an end to a long period where the unemployment rate was consistently below the 5% threshold in the Québec City region. Nevertheless, the market is making its way to a quick recovery, and job opportunities are as numerous as ever. The region maintains one of the lowest unemployment rates among major Canadian cities, and its exceptional industrial diversity offers a wide array of jobs.


 The Québec City region also has a unique asset: its economic development agency, Québec International, which organizes several recruitment days each year around the globe. These events are a great way to find out about the available jobs and to get support in establishing your life project in Quebec.