5 Good Reasons to Pursue Your Studies in Québec City and its Surroundings

Date 27/11/2020

Written byQuébec en tête

Adding international experience as part of your studies is a great way to set yourself apart and gain a valuable asset in your job search after graduation. However, for this project to be fun and rewarding, you need to carefully choose where you will study, as this will become your new home during your studies, and sometimes for a long time afterwards.


The Québec City region, in the Canadian province of Quebec, can be proud of giving international students an exceptional environment to help them progress in both their studies and their personal development. Below are five main reasons why Québec City and its surroundings are a great place to live and study.


 1- An excellent education system that is recognized around the world


Quebec’s educational establishments make the news all around the globe for the quality of their research and education. Some of their most notable assets include the type of coaching provided, their curriculums aligned with the most recent advances and their vibrant student life. Moreover, the diplomas issued by these institutions are recognized in many countries.


 2- A wide range of institutions, fields and levels of studies


The province of Quebec has a unique education system with various levels that complement each other, such as professional, technical, pre-university and university programs. This allows for a wide array of sectors and specializations to choose from, which makes it easy to find a program specific to the trade you want to pursue. These specializations can also help you focus on the aspects of your future job that you are most passionate about.



3- An experience that is more international than ever


Each year, the Québec City region welcomes over 6,000 students from all around the world. This wide range of horizons and profiles can help you discover not only Quebec’s culture but also that of several other countries. Furthermore, several groups of international students exist and are a great place to share and find mutual support.


 4- An opportunity to learn or develop French skills in a French-speaking environment


Quebec is a French-speaking province in a predominantly English-speaking country. Studying in Québec City or its surroundings is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in a French environment in North America. It is also a nice way to find out first-hand what makes the Quebec accent so charming!


 5- Learning while you work, working while you learn


Many programs and study permits allow international students to work during their studies. This way, they can apply what they learn in a hands-on approach, gain professional experience and—a significant plus—increase their revenue, all the while pursuing their studies. Many employers offer jobs adapted to students’ reality, including flexible schedules and even allowing them to decrease their work hours during exam periods.


Are you considering studying in Québec City or its surroundings? Each year, the Québec City region’s economic development agency Québec International organizes recruitment days for students, in collaboration with educational establishments. By taking part in these events, international students can meet with representatives of these institutions, discuss the available programs, validate their study project, apply for a program and receive support throughout this process.


The province of Quebec welcomes you, so wait no more! Enrich your learning experience and fall in love with the Québec City region!