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Education in Quebec City gets top marks

Date 29/09/2016

Students are back at the books again, from pre-Ks to PhDs, which offers me as good an occasion as...

For sale or rent: Hard to beat housing prices in Quebec City

Date 07/09/2016

In my previous blogs I’ve talked about some of the outstanding attractions of Quebec City, my adopted home for...

Quebec City is a year-round sports paradise.

Date 22/08/2016

I’ll confess. I’m a big sports fan. Name a sport, I’ll check it out, either as a participant or...

Low crime provides peace of mind in Québec City

Date 01/08/2016

I grew up in a place where you didn’t worry too much about locking the doors on the house...

English-speakers in Quebec City enjoy helpful, lively community

Date 08/07/2016

            I came to Quebec City in 2005 to learn French and, as fate...

Quebec City’s young professionals bullish about « old city »

Date 20/06/2016

If there’s one label automatically associated with Quebec City, it’s « old. » The « old city, » the « old port, »  la vieille...

Keys to success in Quebec City: Learn the rules and seize opportunity.

Date 01/06/2016

In my debut blog entry I talked about how I arrived in Quebec City, a young man from the...

Bonjour! A Prairie boy’s take on life in Quebec City.

Date 06/05/2016

People often ask me how I found myself living in Quebec City, and more particularly, as a successful entrepreneur...