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Springing into a boom season for Quebec City tourism

Date 13/06/2017

In Quebec City, spring is the season when, just as the sweet sap starts flowing from the dormant maples,...

Mosque tragedy makes city stronger

Date 08/03/2017

It’s been a little more than a month since the horrific shooting at the Islamic cultural centre and mosque...

Heating costs in QC warm your heart

Date 08/03/2017

In my last blog we talked about how people in Quebec City have learned to beat the long winter,...

Snow happens

Date 08/03/2017

  The Quebec City winter is not for everyone. Let’s admit that. Each year the city is likely to...

Clean water flows in a tidy town

Date 07/12/2016

  In this blog we’ve looked at many of the exceptional attractions of Quebec City, from its openness to...

The ABCs of getting from Point A to B in QC

Date 21/11/2016

People who live in cities know what an infuriating nightmare getting around in a vehicle often can be. Traffic...

Quebec City culture in the spotlight

Date 03/11/2016

If you’ve lived in Quebec City for an extended period of time it’s easy to forget – or take...

Food, glorious food, in Quebec City

Date 09/10/2016

Maybe it dates back to the hard early years when settlers in Nouvelle France endured hunger and malnutrition, but...

Education in Quebec City gets top marks

Date 29/09/2016

Students are back at the books again, from pre-Ks to PhDs, which offers me as good an occasion as...

For sale or rent: Hard to beat housing prices in Quebec City

Date 07/09/2016

In my previous blogs I’ve talked about some of the outstanding attractions of Quebec City, my adopted home for...