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Quebec City is the hottest place for cold weather sports

Category Staying active, Lifestyle in Quebec City Date 05/03/2020

There’s the old saying that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. I’d like to suggest...

Quebec City’s Pee-Wee hockey tournament is huge event

Category Seeing the sights, Staying active Date 05/03/2020

Of all the amazing events Quebec City hosts each year, I believe nothing is quite as special on so...

Salute to a city armed with a forceful military presence

Date 08/11/2019

Quebec City is well-known as a wonder of historic, scenic, bucolic, gastronomic – we could go on and on...

Quebec City has swimming pools aplenty

Category Staying active, Lifestyle in Quebec City Date 10/09/2019

Coming into Quebec City by air can be a breathtaking experience. From high above, the proximity of the city...

When it boils down to it, everyone loves Quebec maple syrup

Category Dining out, Going out, Lifestyle in Quebec City Date 15/04/2019

Quebec is famous for several things, among them its history, geography and gastronomy. But all of these features have...

Vive le dépanneur, Quebec’s very convenient stores

Category Dining out, Seeing the sights, Lifestyle in Quebec City Date 15/02/2019

  Quebec is a special and unique place for a lot of reasons, the most obvious being that French...

Once one of world’s busiest ports, Quebec is roaring back

Date 06/12/2018

In the last two blogs we looked at Quebec City’s relationship with the river that has defined it from...

Ask Mickey Mouse: Cool Quebec City is a hot cruise ship destination

Date 23/10/2018

  In the last blog we looked at how Quebec City’s waterfront on the St. Lawrence River is being...

Once forbidding, Quebec City reclaiming its historic waterfront

Date 17/10/2018

he establishment of a swimming “beachhead” in the city is a prominent event in what has been a progressive...

Quebec City becoming digital mecca

Date 29/05/2018

A few weeks ago Quebec City hosted what was an extraordinary event by any measure. More than 25,000 people...