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Once one of world’s busiest ports, Quebec is roaring back

Date 06/12/2018

In the last two blogs we looked at Quebec City’s relationship with the river that has defined it from...

Ask Mickey Mouse: Cool Quebec City is a hot cruise ship destination

Date 23/10/2018

  In the last blog we looked at how Quebec City’s waterfront on the St. Lawrence River is being...

Once forbidding, Quebec City reclaiming its historic waterfront

Date 17/10/2018

he establishment of a swimming “beachhead” in the city is a prominent event in what has been a progressive...

Quebec City becoming digital mecca

Date 29/05/2018

A few weeks ago Quebec City hosted what was an extraordinary event by any measure. More than 25,000 people...

Quebec taking the tramway to the future

Date 02/05/2018

It’s amazing how quickly a bold idea can bring excitement and energy to a city. That was the case...

Clearing streets in winter? S’no problem for Quebec City

Date 03/04/2018

Previously in this blog we have mentioned Quebec City’s multiple distinctions, charms and assets, from history to gastronomy to...

Survey confirms Quebec City is hip for millennials

Date 19/02/2018

I am, by the usual definitions, a millennial, being born in the early 1980s. Though I probably identify more...

Quebec City rules for Yuletide charms

Date 24/12/2017

It’s hard to imagine a more Christmassy place on this side of the world than Quebec City.  The kind...

Cheers to a city that cherishes its beer!

Date 23/11/2017

Since we’re now on the doorstep of the Christmas festive season, it seems like a good time to talk...

Quebec City’s challenge: managing growth while staying close

Date 13/11/2017

We’re back and blogging after a bit of a break since the summer. And, as I highlighted  in my...